Also known as photo mapping or drone surveying, our service combines cutting-edge drone technology with advanced software mapping capabilities and reliable information delivery.

Drones provide the ability to capture on-demand maps for a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches using manned aircraft, and at a much higher resolution than satellites or ground-based capture.

The resolution of our maps and survey data is usually between 1- 3cm per pixel (1-3cm GSD). We process the data to deliver full 3D terrain models (e.g. DSM, DTM) and the accuracy of the 3D data is generally around 50mm horizontal and 50-80mm vertical.

Typical uses:

  • Mine/quarry contour mapping
  • End of Month stockpile volume analysis
  • Road/rail alignment mapping
  • Bulk earthworks assessment for sub-division development
  • Drainage and flood investigations
  • Waterway erosion identification
  • Wetland and drainage infrastructure as built drawings
  • Farm flood irrigation design

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